About Us

We have been so blessed and honored to represent Glory of Zion Ministries in Israel! We’ve been here five years now! Can you believe it??? Our daughter was one year old when God called Daniel out of his ten-year reign as a Texas Police officer! I had a dream that we moved to Israel, we all agreed and the nation opened up to us. Since that time we’ve lived in three major cities of the Middle East. Our son was born in Jerusalem, Israel two years ago, now. This journey has been wild! We have grown, and experienced “the best of times and the worst of times.” God has called our family to contend and watch over His covenant land, and that’s why we live here. We are grateful for all of you who have gone on this ride with us and we invite you to go further into the deep! What ever it is that God is calling you to; let us all jump in deep together as we embrace this adventure of radical faith!


One thought on “About Us

  1. Everyone has different prcefrenees and also location will influence what you carry in your pack.I live in Alaska here’s my survival bag;1 sheath knife with a 5 bd in blade full tang, small pocket knive, hobo knife and a sharpening stone.2 mylar “space blankets” for emergency shelter.1 metal cup to cook in or boil water.Snare with and some cordagesmall roll of TPSmall container with fishing line and hooksFlint, Bic lighter and magnesium fire starter rod.Small signal mirror and small “pocket rocket” aerial signal flare.Small LED head band light and a long burn candle.Compass, map or GPS and mapSmall multi-tool pliers.Blaze orange engineers survey tape for marking trails or a hit on an animal.Extra pair of thick wool socks in a zip lock bag, underarmor thermo bottoms, wool gloves and sock hat. These can be vacuumed sealed to take up little space.I can fit all the above and a small food ration for 3 days in a 1 gallon zip lock bag from 3 to 4 lbs weight.I usually trow in a box of shells of whatever gun I take for back up. And sometimes I carry a very tiny spice set with salt, pepper etc to make not so tasty survival meals tolerable.Some will pack a small tarp and that’s a good idea in the rainy season. I use the space blankets for a makeshift rain poncho, tent, lean-to rain collector for water, to signal aircraft or just to roll up in after falling into water while building a fire.A 6 foot square peice of thin clear plastic is great for a solar water still to get water from damp ground of vegetaionThat’s just a few ideas for you the others will have lots of good ideas.


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