Going to Poland

Saturday June 20th I will be joining a group of friends from Israel as they travel to Poland on a prayer journey. We will be touring the concentration camps at Auschwitz as well as experiencing other locations associated with Jewish history. Our group will also be taking part in the construction of a Holocaust memorial that a good friend of ours is building in Auschwitz. Amber has always wanted to go to Poland and was origionally planning to join me, but she felt like God was leading her to stay in Israel with the kids during the timing of this trip. Please pray for our family while I am traveling, that God will surround me in my coming and going, and watch over Amber and the Kids while I am gone.

While in Poland, I am looking forward to seeking the Lord for a greater understanding of where the Jewish people have come from and where they are going. It has now been seventy years since the Holocaust, and I hear the Lord speaking that now is the time to take an account and see how God wants to bless the nation of Israel with a new level of Joy. I believe Israel is moving from a past season of trauma into a new season of Joy and ask that you stand with me as we decree this in Poland. Please join us in prayer for the nation of Poland that God would heal the root of trauma there, and release His blessing. Pray that Poland would be a light in Eastern Europe and continue to be a nation that acknowledges the truth.

Thank you,

Daniel Pierce


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