Update From Poland: Joy Will Be Your Strength

Over the last two days, God has been speaking to me about Poland and beginning to reveal his heart for the nation. I was surprised to learn that Poland was favorable to the Jewish people before WW2 and acted as a safe haven of sorts in Eastern Europe. As we had the opportunity to walk through the Warsaw Ghetto it quickly became clear how rapidly things changed when the Nazis invaded. I always find that visiting a place brings a new understanding that cannot be gained from reading a book or watching documentaries. As I continue to seek the Lord, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that he brought us to this place in time to remember the past. One of the intercessors with our team had a word that “the Joy of the Lord would be our strength”.  Please pray that God will fill us with his Joy and restore our strength as our Journey continues. Today we are traveling south by train to Auschwitz.

Daniel Pierce

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