God Has Given Us Everything We Need

The spirit realm has been stirred heavily this week in Jerusalem, and just from seeing news reports we see that many things are happening. Everything is stirred worldwide. There have been recent terror attacks in France, and Tunisia, as well as Kobane, Syria, and of course a few attacks in Jerusalem. The law over marriage changed in just one day in the USA. Last night I went to bed feeling overwhelmed after watching the news and looking at social media. When I woke up in the morning I just remembered a simple truth. Now is the time for a greater development of our faith. God has given us everything thing that we need to live in dark times and thrive. Peter teaches us about this in his second letter of the bible:

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. 2 Peter 3-4 Peter goes on to instruct us to make every effort to add goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, kindness, and love to our faith.

Earlier this week, I sensed a heightened level of witchcraft surrounding us in Jerusalem. Daniel is still in Poland. I had almost forgotten that we are in the time of Ramadan. I had been in a meeting that didn’t go quit the way I hoped. Just before this meeting began my sister and I had been greeted by a woman who we both believe to be a witch. The woman immediately came to me and said she recognized me from my neighborhood. She stayed close by as I proceeded through my 2 hour meeting with someone else and listened closely as she paced near us. She stayed throughout the meeting and then gave me a gift. I immediately got one of the worst migraines that I can remember. I felt nearly debilitated as I got into the taxi. Then, just as we arrived at my home, a motorcycle swiftly sped up ahead of our Taxi and crashed just in front of us. I was in so much pain and confusion, while also on the phone with Daniel, that I was disengaged from what had just happened. I ran upstairs and became sick from the pain level. My sister went downstairs and realized that the man was now dead right in front of my house. It has been a year since I felt that level of witchcraft. I saw that I had let my guard down and was not aware of the season that we are in which made me vulnerable. It was a very dark night in the most true sense. When I woke up the next morning God began to encourage me, and you are to be encouraged as well:

The winds are coming together over you and many things are shifting now. So much that has been hidden and not seen is now coming to the surface. Where discouragement came in and you almost gave up was actually the tipping point to the breakthrough you have longed for! It looked like the end of everything, the end of a season, the end of what you had hoped for. This moment is your biggest breakthrough! The heavens have changed over you, and the things you had hoped for are coming about in a greater way. Nothing is impossible with God! Even parts of your identity are coming together in fullness. All of the time that you have been unsure about what you are doing and where you are going, NOW God is lighting up your path. Very clearly He is going before you. The path of the righteous grows bright! And your path is being made so clear. Don’t give up!


10 thoughts on “God Has Given Us Everything We Need

  1. Shalom to you and Thanx sooooo much ..for your encouragement:-):-):-)xxx. Here an encouragement for you ….ex 14 ,14 ..I AM THE ONE WHO GOES BEFORE YOU, AND ALL YOUR LOVED ONES ..BEHIND AND FROM SIDE TO SIDE AROUND ALL OF YOU… my prayer for you .that I AM and ALL THAT HIS NAMES REPRESENT wraps you ,Daniel ,your beautifull kids and all your loved ones in HIS TALITH OF PROTECTION and LOVE :-):-):-)XX.
    Much thanx and love from the Netherlands..Henny:-):-):-)


    • in Gods word about HIS HESED ,religious freedom came from OUR LORD YESHUA,OMEN BLESS our JUDEO CHRISTIAN LOVE AFFAIRE WE Shirlie an i would love t know the best way we can help our IDF srdoiels,we thought of you Sarah first , if any one knows you certainly do.So thank you for your help on this sincere desire ,thank you very much broric Love In Yeshua Hamaschiach us.


    • I am totally OCD about catiern aspects of Twitter, Amberr! And I use TwitCleaner, too! I haven’t gotten myself on a regular schedule with it, but this inspires me to do so. Would totally put my mind at ease that it hasn’t been too soon or long overdue for a clean out. I’m on my way now to look at ManageFlitter sounds like it’s totally up my alley! Like you, I spend some time in my Mentions feed & attempt to return all shout-outs or cries of howdy because I love the interaction Twitter provides. It is my very favorite form of socmed, & I wish I had more time to devote to it. Your list here gives me a bit of help with that, so THANKS!


    • Catherine BuellOh so glad the comments work again. I did all the steps. I’d hate to say any gvaaiwey annoys me the least, because it is a gvaaiwey and it’s something I want that I don’t have. But I won’t enter the ones with a million steps and that require me to like 30 different FB pages. FB is how I keep in contact with many people so it’s very frustrating when all I see are posts by the 30 likes I had to do for one gvaaiwey. Multiply that and thats overwhelming. 1 or 2 max likes on FB and a few Twitter follows is fine with me. Thank you for the gvaaiwey and not being complicated


  2. BlackAsphodelI did all the steps. It takes a lot of time and patience to enter the geiavways with a gazillion entry possibilities, but (if I really want the prize offered) I am not annoyed by them. I’m not even bothered by having to sign up to sites I wasn’t a member of before (Chictopia, Stumble Upon, Hellocotton, Delicious etc.) The stuff I don’t like is when the giveaway host makes you sign up to a site via their link and you can’t do that because you already have an account there (Nomorerack is the best example for this). The worst thing is when the rest of the entries are locked until you do sign up via their link. Which won’t happen because by now I would have had to create more than 20 email addresses to sign up to Nomorerack (I have nothing against that site, I signed up for it and have purchased there before all the giveaway hosts started to incorporate it into their geiavways.). XD Apart from this I am not scared to tackle the really long Rafflecopter geiavways. (I entered the Mother’s Day Bash . I clearly have WAY too much time! XD)If I handn’t written this long comment, I would have already forgotten having entered your giveaway, it was that easy. My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com


  3. I usually do a titwter cleaning every 2 months or so and get rid of followers who haven’t tweeted in awhile or ones that just tweet links that have no reference to me or do it rapid fire. If I used that TwitCleaner I’d only have 6 followers. Most of my followers tweet links. Isn’t that what Twitter is for? Promoting? I already had Twitter suspend my other account do to over tweeting links as did 500 others from the media site I sell on. So I deleted it. And I have two other accounts I tweet from. But I really don’t have an OCD with it.


  4. Teresa MooreI love rafflecopter gwaaeivys, but I do not like when you have to like 25 to 50 pages to be entered. I especially do not like when there is a ton of twitter pages to like because it seems like no one follows you back and I always hit that twitter follower limit.


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