Update From Poland: Overcoming Death


Last night, we were invited to join a Polish family for dinner in their home. Our host graciously served us home made perogees and soup until our stomachs were full and hearts content. After dinner, we gathered around to hear her mother share stories about what life was like in Poland in the years after WWII. Listening to their story helped us gain a perspective of the hardship faced by Polish families during the Nazi occupation and communist period that followed. She explained how government food coupons were used to rashen groceries in communist Poland and told stories of how her grandfather had been thrown in prison for running a small grocery store. Throughout the evening, our host translated as her mother spoke about how God had been her strength through some of the darkest times in life and helped her find Joy when she needed it the most. I was truly inspired by this testimony and thankful for the opportunity to hear God’s heart spoken over this nation. Before the evening ended, we joined in prayer for the people of Poland and blessed our host and the home that had shown us so much hospitality.

Over the last four days we have been staying in the town of Oswiecim where the Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps were located during WWII. We spent the first two days touring the camps with a friend from Israel who is very knowledgeable about WWII and the Holocaust. As we walked through the camps, God began to remind us again what a miracle it is that the state of Israel was established after the war. Seeing Jewish tour groups able to return to the place where the devil attempted to destroy them is an inspiration and reminder that God’s promises will be fulfilled.

While at the camps, we learned that over four thousand visitors from many nations come through every day. I feel that being in this place forces a person to ask how any human being could take part in such a horrible act of cruelty and violence. Faced with these questions, we must look in the mirror and realize that we have no hope without Jesus. Salvation is the only thing that stands between us and the purest form of evil.

After touring the camps, we spent the next two days working on a construction site for a Holocaust memorial just outside the gates at Birkenau. When finished, the bronze sculpture inside will depict the suffering of the Holocaust as well as how Christ suffered so that we could have salvation. I believe that this site will have an effect on many who visit here and lead them to ask questions about their own salvation. Please pray for me as I prepare to make the trip back to Israel on Sunday.

– Daniel Pierce

2 thoughts on “Update From Poland: Overcoming Death

  1. You could not have known how timely this word is. On this morning after a true “day of infamy” here in America I found such courage and hope in the words of your Polish host’s grandmother. It was just the word we needed. Bless her for her faith and testimony and bless you for sharing at this specific time.

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    • David,I am a wee bit more north of Krakow so I can’t speak about that area but were we are at it can be a struggle. My 5 and 7 year old go to an inonnratiteal school here but I do work with them here at home as the school is about a year behind compared to the US standards. My teenager we do online school that is based in CA, so it is a bit easier. We have a VERY small expat community here so it a bit of a challenge but Krakow has a good sized expat community so I am sure you will all do fine. Shipping here can be expensive so make sure you bring everything with you! The neat thing about schooling over here is that they will experience things that a typical US child would only imagine. My oldest took Humanities class at university last semester in ND and they were talking about castles churches and such and for the most part he was the only one in his class that had seen in real life what they were learning from a text book!If you have any other questions about moving to Poland don’t hesitate to shot me an email.Kelley


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