Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Since the month of Ramadan began there have been several terrorist attacks in the west bank and Jerusalem.  Rockets have also just been fired from Gaza. This morning, a 17-year-old Palestinian man was shot and killed by the IDF while attacking an Israeli general in his vehicle. This is one in several attacks that have been carried out over the last few weeks. In addition many terrorist have been arrested which can lead to a greater escalation. This is a key time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as things continue to stir in this nation.

Today, muslim prayer will be held at the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Friday prayer is often used to insight violence and unrest in east Jerusalem. Please join us in prayer that the enemy’s plans would be blocked and the general state of peace in Israel would remain. Pray for the safety of Israeli families as they go about their daily lives over the next week. Pray for our soldiers as they continue to work in Judea and Samaria to break up the terrorist cells that are carrying out the current attacks.

-Daniel Pierce

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