Fun and Freedom in Jerusalem

During the time that Daniel was in Poland, visiting the Holocaust death camps, the kids and I were home in Jerusalem having fun. I was able to keep up with my workout routine. We took the kids swimming and to the park. I began driving, which is a huge milestone. The last time I tried to drive I was pregnant with Elijah and backed into a really dangerous electrical box at my mother-in law’s house while visiting family in Texas.

My sister and I took the kids out for Ice cream and to our local toy store. We have the best neighborhood toy store! As we were experiencing normal daily life in Jerusalem I realized, once again, how much of a blessing and a miracle that Israel is. The simple fact that we can go to the park or mall in peace and safety is really proof that God watches over this land.   Israel is a safe haven and a place of protection in the Middle East. Nowhere else in this region could a women run down the street wearing a tank and shorts.

While Daniel was visiting death camps I was realizing the miracle of this nation and the freedoms that we have in the tiny sliver of land called the Jewish state.

Now we see news reports of thousands of Jews coming from France. I think 4000 made Aliyah last week. They don’t feel safe in France anymore, because anti-semitism has really reared its ugly head again, and the devil seems to be gaining momentum. Many come to my neighborhood, and we hear more and more French being spoken everyday.

Today I wanted to let you know what it feels like to live in Jerusalem, Israel. It’s Wonderful. We are free!


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