Dear Friends of Israel:

Thank you so much for your prayers for Daniel and Amber throughout this Feast season. Beginning with the worship gathering they hosted just before Rosh Hashanah through Simchat Torah, they have been busy hosting many who have traveled to Jerusalem. Even amidst the unrest that is occurring in the Middle East, I love what they are hearing about a time for miracles. We are also sensing a powerful move of Holy Spirit in our gatherings. Do not fear 5776! The best is yet ahead!

Chuck D. Pierce

Sunday, October 4, 2015


The last time you heard from us was right after our worship gathering on September 10th. Since then, we jumped into the holiday’s full swing, and the kids have been out of school for almost two weeks now. We celebrated with many leaders and friends, and spent a lot of time in our Sukkah this week. We were also blessed to spend some down time with Mike and Cindy Jacobs, and Myles and Katherine Weiss filmed several shows in our kitchen. Lily had the opportunity to be Esther for one of their shows which will air in the future on Zola Levitt Presents. Just a few days ago, we had a powerful time of prayer and connecting with a large tour from Indonesia. This was also a highlight for Lily, as she stepped into pray with the group and blew the shofar over the city.

Even as tensions stir in Israel and the Headlines this morning read. IS THIS THE THIRD INTIFADA? We still feel encouraged for the year to come.

A few days before Rosh Hashannah began, I had a dream that God came and sat down next to me. I asked Him why everyone was scared of the year to come.  He told me that people forget very quickly that He created the whole earth in just 7 days and that He can change a life or a circumstance in just a moment.  He also told me that He would be doing more miracles this year than we have seen in the past and that He was really going to show us His glory in a huge way. I’m encouraged even as we are watching what could be the beginning of the 3rd Intifada.

Update from Daniel on the Middle East and Israel
On September 30th, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made a long speech in front of the UN assembly in an attempt to once again lay the groundwork for negotiations on the two state solution.  After the speech concluded the UN raised the Palestinian flag in an act of recognition for “Palestine” which was recently upgraded to “non-member observer state” by the United Nations.  As Abbas concluded his address at the UN, masked Fata gunmen flooded the streets in several West Bank cities and began firing weapons into the air in celebration.

Over the last two weeks, there have been numerous terrorist attacks across the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Last week, one of our neighbors was returning from business in Hebron when his car was mobbed and stoned by masked men.

Fortunately, he sustained only minor injuries. Last night there were two separate stabbing attacks in the Old City of Jerusalem leaving at least four people dead and several more injured. As things unfold, Israel has called emergency security meetings to evaluate the situation.

As Amber mentioned earlier, we feel that in this year we will experience some turbulent times but God will also work in a mighty way, in this season!

India Trip
Over the next two weeks, we will be preparing to travel to India with Trevor Baker and take part in ministry. We are very excited to be a part of this trip and have great expectation for everything God has in store for India this year. Please pray that God will cover us in our travels and that we would bear witness to the creative miracles that India has become known for. We pray that God continue to pour out His provision of miracles in that land! We are grateful that God is speaking of great miracles over the entire earth! Know and believe that God is doing great miracles on your behalf. Tonight begins the holiday of Simchat Torah. This is the holiday where we rejoice in the Word and begin reading from the very beginning of the book of Genesis again.


Daniel and Amber Pierce
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3 thoughts on “A YEAR FOR MIRACLES

  1. It is always a blessing to read your posts. Such Glory. Beautiful destiny testimony. Many Generations working as one. Blessing in abundance. Prayers and Lord willing some financial blessings when we sell our property that is on the market.

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  2. thanks so much for the update… continue to pray God’s peace and protection over you all.. I think it is so special to be where you are doing what you are doing with a family of small children.. A big testimony of God’s faithfulness… many blessings!!

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