I found this letter on the Glory of Zion website.  I wrote this in July of 2012.

Let the Lord Assign Your Seat!  Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Woman.

In June, Daniel and I were returning home from a trip to Florida. Just before we boarded the plane our seat assignments changed, which put me sitting close to a very interesting woman. We began to talk about our kids and the way we travel often with them. She began to talk about her trips overseas with her kids. I told her that I also travel overseas with my daughter. When I asked her where she travels, she didn’t want to tell me. I asked her a second time, “Where do you travel?” She softly responded, “Palestine.” I said, “How interesting, I live in Israel.” Her eyes got very big! I told her that I live about 25 miles from the border of Gaza. She told me that she grew up in Gaza and still owns a house there and frequently visits her family. Suddenly, I had a burning in my chest. My instant feeling was anger. I felt a connection to all of the discomfort that we had been through with the rocket fire. I finally had a face to put with the nights that we were locked in the bomb shelter. I quickly gained my composure and was able to not make an emotional response. Fortunately, the flight attendant came to hand out drinks, which gave me a moment to pray.

I told the Lord that I knew He had put me in this very moment in time and that I needed Him to hover over us and be in our midst. This was all very tense because her brother and her husband (hard line Muslims) sat a few seats away from us. After the fight attendant left, the woman and I continued to talk. She began to feel very comfortable talking to me. She told me about her faith. She also told me stories of deaths that occurred in her family from the

fighting. She even shared with me that her uncles and cousins shoot rockets at us just because they feel mistreated. I didn’t go into any of my opinions concerning any of that.

Then, she asked me the million-dollar question: why are you in Israel? I told her that the Lord had sent me there to pray for reconciliation in the land. That also floored her. She asked me if I was Catholic. I said, “No, I used to be, but God saved me.” I told her that one night I became so sad and desperate and I was falling quickly into a place that I could not dig myself out of. I told her that I cried out to God! I began to call on Jesus. I told her about how I felt the presence of God fill my room and my body. I told her that the Holy Spirit has dwelt in me ever since and that I was changed forever. I told her about the joy and freedom that I had been walking in now for the past ten years and about how God changed me over night. Her eyes filled with tears as I told her this story. She told me that she had never heard anything like this! I explained the relationship that we have with God. She told me that she always was thought that Christians were idolaters, but that my faith seemed like something so different.

God showed me in that moment how many Muslims have moved into the United States, and that has sometimes felt like a threat to us. I believe that for many of them, it may be the only way they ever hear the real Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for the Muslims around the world and ask God to bring them to you so that you can share your testimony. The main thing that God

showed me while I was in the States this summer was the power of the testimony of our salvation. No matter what your story is, or how old you are, the story of your salvation will speak into the hearts of others. Daniel was saved when he was only 5 and his testimony makes me cry every time I hear it.

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