Pierce Prayer Update: Praying for France While Returning to Israel!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dear Friends of Israel:

Daniel and Amber are preparing to return to Israel in just a few days. We so appreciate your prayers for the time they were with us. Their ministry at Starting the Year Off Right on “Joy in the Midst of Warfare” was so impacting. As they travel home, please pray for their safety and transition to life in Jerusalem. As you can read below, they will actually stop in Paris for several days to assess and pray for that city and nation, as well as the Jewish remnant there. Amidst the trauma that still remains following the November terrorist attacks, declare that they will be a beacon of LIGHT that rises and shines with the glory of the Lord.


Chuck D. Pierce

Shalom From Texas,

This Sunday we will begin the journey back to Israel. We have enjoyed the past 6 weeks in Texas with family and friends, as well as ministering at the Starting the Year off Right Conference.

A Call To France

Exactly one year ago Lily had a dream about France. When she woke up she told me that God had said that she was on the road to Paris. On our way from Israel to Texas at the beginning of December, Daniel felt that we should stop in France for a few days when we returned to Israel. I have always felt a call to France. My family is of strong French descent, and I went on a mission trip there 7 years ago while I was pregnant with Lily. Since that time, the condition of France has changed rapidly. Islam has gained much momentum in that country. Over the past 5 years of living in Israel we have seen more and more French people making Aliyah every year. It’s becoming normal to hear French in Jerusalem everyday. In fact, in our last apartment in Jerusalem (before the move to the new one), all of our neighbors were new immigrants from France. I have had conversations with some of the French as they come to Israel feeling very torn in making the hard decision of returning to Israel. Some are coming out of fear. They say it’s becoming too dangerous for a Jewish person to live in France. Daniel’s sister also had a

very timely dream about things to come in France. Pray for our family as we make this mission to France. We will pray there and see the condition.

Returning to Israel

We are ready to return to our home in Israel and get back to our family routine. We have entered our 6th year living there full time. Lily and Elijah are excited to get back to school and see their friends. During our time in Texas we were able to gather several pages that show evidence of Jewish documentation through my grandparents, on my mother’s side. Now we are on the hunt for the original documents. Please pray for us as we continue to search out what this means for the future of our family. This is an identity in my family that was hidden and slowly is being uncovered. We are now passionate and feel a push from God to keep finding more.

God Is Working on Your Behalf

This is a time that God is coming very quickly on your behalf! He spoke to me on Sunday morning that He is coming very quickly, like lightning, on your behalf. He is coming to change your circumstances and release what has been held and kept from you. God will be unlocking many things for you over this next several weeks that you have searched and prayed for – even for years. I’m excited to see this happen as we begin the New Year!

Blessings and Happy New Year,

Daniel, Amber, Lily and Elijah Pierce

We appreciate your prayer and giving for Israel. You may donate by clicking HERE (and noting Pierce Support in Israel in the comment line) or by calling 1 (940) 382-7231.

3 thoughts on “PIERCE PRAYER UPDATE : A Call to FRANCE

  1. Dear Daniel

    My name is Sheila Varghese from Grace Assembly Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Pastor Henry Pillai would like to invite you to speak at Grace Assembly. Can I ask his PA to send the invitation email with details to this email id or another email id?

    Thank you

    Blessings Sheila Varghese Editorial Assistant Grace Assembly Petaling Jaya Malaysia


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