Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Friends of Israel:

Daniel and Amber are back in Israel and preparing to host next week’s Worship Gathering in Jerusalem on Thursday, February 11. I hope many of you in Israel can join this time of shifting the sound and atmosphere of Jerusalem to help enthrone the Mighty One of Israel.

Daniel and Amber also share about what they saw and learned on their recent trip to Paris,. This is a time when nations are at the crossroads of decision. Let’s continue to pray for the LIGHT of the world to arise and shine throughout France and all the nations of the earth.

Chuck D. Pierce

On Shabbat, January 22nd, we arrived back home in Israel. After our time in the States and a short visit to France, we found our return to Jerusalem refreshing. Before I report of our travels I would like to invite you to our next Worship Gathering. Anyone living in Israel, as well as those who are traveling through are welcome to join us. Groups are welcome to attend as well. This gathering will be held on Thursday, February 11th at 7 pm in the Pavilion Auditorium located at the very bottom of the Clal building at 97 Jaffa Rd in Jerusalem. For questions you can contact me at Amberp@gloryofzion.org Please pray for this appointed time that God will visit with great power all who attend.

France Report

Thank you for praying for us as we traveled with small children. On the day that we arrived in Paris, France we were made aware that a very large demonstration was taking place of citizens who were rallying in agreement as an effort to stop radical Islam and terrorism in that nation. The pictures from the news showed a sea of endless people who are crying out for justice and the safety of the future of France. Since we had never been in France as a family, we enjoyed seeing what we could while staying open to the Holy Spirit and how He might lead. We didn’t travel with a large agenda.


I have not had an opportunity to visit France in the past and was very excited about this trip to Paris. Amber has family history in France and made a trip several years ago while pregnant with our daughter, Lily. I immediately fell in love with Paris as we walked the streets visiting cafés and sights of the city. Our children enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower, and Natural History Museum, which houses one of the world’s finest collections of dinosaur fossils. Amber slipped on some stairs at the hotel and injured her knee, so the kids and I pushed her in a wheel chair for some of the trip.
While we were there we found that God was placing us in the right places to meet people who could give us some insight on how to begin to pray for France. One afternoon, we met a waiter and had a long conversation about the current atmosphere in the nation. Our new friend explained that his restaurant had been almost empty for months since the recent terrorist attack. After speaking to several people, we began to realize that many of the recent struggles that France has been facing are not so different from those in Israel.

On the day that we left France there was yet another interesting news report. A large protest that became violent was broadcasted in the news. The protest started over government workers but then people began to throw large objects like tires and other big items onto a busy street. As the video progressed, a person with a flag from an Islamic country could be seen beating a car with the rod of his flag.

Please stand with us as we continue to pray for France that God would shift the heart of the nation and begin to allow their leaders to see alignment with Israel as a source of strength while facing their own challenges. Pray for the believers in France to experience an even greater outpouring of Holy Spirit that would bring many into the body of Christ. Pray that the root of Islam that has taken hold in Europe would be uprooted in France and all plans of the enemy exposed. Pray that God would shine His light into places that have historically been dark and allow new beginnings to take hold!

We will look forward to our next opportunity to visit France, and keeping those of you who are praying for us posted on our travels and current meetings.


Daniel, Amber, Lily and Elijah Pierce

We appreciate your prayer and giving for Israel. You may donate by clicking HERE (and noting Pierce Support in Israel in the comment line) or by calling 1 (940) 382-7231.



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