Returning to the Simplicity of our Faith

One of the things that I love so much about God is how simple He created our faith to be. The first thing that ever captivated me about Him was just before I had been saved. I opened an old bible that was just lying around the house. It was probably the first time that it had ever been read but I was captivated by the story of creation in Genesis. The awesomeness of God and the way that He just simply spoke and then there was light. As a very lost 23 year old that moment of reading a scripture caused me to grow hungry for the truth. I began to wonder: Is there only one God? Before that, I had the belief that there were many ways to him and that Mohammed, Buddha, and Jesus/Yeshua were all the same. Within just a few days as I couldn’t stop thinking about the 7 days of creation, I finally realized that the God that I would soon come to identify Jesus with, was the only God who created the world and everything in it.

Within a few weeks, I began to want to die out of exhaustion of how little my life meant. I had no floor or stability and I felt as if I was falling very quickly faster and faster into a dark deep hole that I felt was impossible to get out of. This was literally like hell. Then one night, all of the memories of people telling me of Jesus throughout different moments of my life came rushing back to me. I gave Him a chance and He actually visited me in the most tangible way. As a person and as the Holy Spirit He filled me and wrapped me in His love and presence. I was finally able to stop crying where in the past I would wake up every morning weeping. The pain that had in the past filled my heart and had caused literal pain in my entire body finally left and I felt peace. The Holy Spirit filled the place in my heart that only He can. I then became so hungry for the word of God. The Holy Spirit would direct me to the simplest places in the bible.

 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

It’s amazing how the truth of the gospel is meant to be simple enough for a very small child or an unscholarly person. God wants all of us and understanding only comes by the power of the Holy Spirit. We can’t figure Him out by being smart enough or by using big vocabulary. He wants all of us in an intimate way. He is your Creator and your Father. It’s that simple! For some of you this may be a reminder to return to the simplicity of your faith. Your first love!



Amber Pierce



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