Dear Friends,

Over the past week the Lord has stirred my desire to set aside a very special time for family, friends, and the Lord. Most of us forget the relational nature of God as we move through life in our busy routine. One of God’s greatest desires from us as His children is that we have a close relationship with Him as our Father. He desires to see us interacting with one another with great intent. Just as God passionately seeks out relationship with us, Sukkot is a time set aside to renew close relationships with those God has placed in our lives.

Our family has been so busy here in Jerusalem over the past few months! As we slow down for the holidays, God has reminded me how important it is to take joy in the time he has given us. Relationships, whether it be family, friends, or the body of Messiah at large are a melody in God’s heart. This gives Him pleasure as he watched us make time for each other in His presence.

Sukkot in Jerusalem Today

A few days ago everyone began pouring into Jerusalem for Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) Now, as we write to you the sun has set and the highest holy day of the year (Yom Kippur) is fully upon us.   After the fast is complete all of our friends and neighbors from around Israel will begin to build their Sukkahs. This is to be a temporary dwelling reminding us of God’s goodness and His presence in the wilderness.

In Israel Sukkot is a very relational holiday. Each meal is to be eaten in the Sukkah and many even sleep in the sukkah. This is a really fun highlight for children. The streets of Jerusalem are beautifully adorned with sukkahs even at every restaurant. There is no more festive of a time to be in the land! You will often hear someone say, “Please come visit with me, I have made a beautiful sukkah” This is an appointed time to reconnect to the basic and beautiful things in life. Who has God put in your life? Who is He highlighting to you and whom is He giving you to invest your time in?


We encourage you from Jerusalem as you move into this holiday. Ask God who He wants you to reconnect with. Who would He have you invest your time in. Make it precious and enjoy the people that God has put in your life. May your communion be blessed and prosper you!

Many Blessings,

Daniel and Amber Pierce

Jerusalem, Israel – GloryofZion.org

RISE AS ONE Bring in the New Year with us!!

Join us via webcast for this powerful gathering in Jerusalem in front of the Temple Mount.  This was a historic day.  One of the last patriots of Israel (Shimon Peres) was laid to rest.  We honored him and prayed that wise sons and daughters would be raised up and answer the call of God.  There were many challenges in gathering on this day but in the end the people of God had the victory.  77 private jet along with air force one landed on this day and half of the roads were closed.

 You’ll even hear a friend share a testimony about a bomb being on the bus that they were on as they were in route to the RISE AS ONE worship gathering.  They were asked to get off the bus and the bomb was disabled and they were still able to join the gathering and give glory to God.   In this New Year there will be many challenges to maneuver through. You will be blessed and have the victory through the power of Jesus.  

We bless you in this new year!